OSU Homecoming Parade

October 1, 2018

1 Oct 2018 until 5 Oct 2018
12:00 am

Map Unavailable

Sign up for 1 hr or more to help make the IFI Float:
Float Building Sign-Up Link
Optional: Monday-Thursday / October 1-4, 2018 / 5-11pm
South Stands Ohio Stadium

We need designers, builders, painters, anyone who wants to help!
(You can invite your host family to join and your friends. Make sure to help them sign up on the link!)

Walk in the Homecoming Parade with the IFI Float:
Walk in the Parade Sign-Up Link
Friday / October 5, 2018 / 4-7:30pm
West Side Ohio Stadium

We need 20 students who want to carry their flag and/or wear their cultural clothes and pass candy!
(Maximum 2 people from the same country)

For more information, please contact Christina Ho at: